Wednesday, July 29, 2009

eating: reduced fat triscuits, almonds, and craisons. [& water]
listening to: classic rock station on slacker. [free ride by edgar winter]

so i didnt get much of that list done yesterday cause ricky called me to go out on his boat. it was fun and much needed w how hot it has been the last few days {& today}

i think the plan is to possible go out on the boat again today?! i am so ready to be off work. but i dont have too much to do so its kinda nice.

blehhh i'm bored. better stuff luego.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

a happier & healthier me;

to make myself happier and healthier today i am going to:

1. drink more water & stay hydrated.
[drinking at least half your body weight in ounces is the neccisarry amount of water per day]

2. go to the grocery store and buy healthy but tasty foods.
-green beans
-brown rice]

3. bring healthy snacks to work so i save money and eat better.

4. clean my room and actually put my clothes away.
[having a clean room will eliminate stress and time. i wont have to dig through piles of clothes on the floor in the mornings or wonder if i am missing certain things]

5. run, or do some form of excersise.
[start to get back in the habbit of excersising daily. taking it one day at a time.]

6. take a cold bath to beat the heat and relax.

7. read.

hopefully all these things will help me focus on myself and make me happier and healthier. i will update tomorrow on what of them i actually accomplished.

life is a crazy thing;

so today, my tire blew on the way to work. hmm really? i am honestly not sure anything else could go wrong [knock on wood]. but the preson who pulled over to help me was a pastor. he changed my tire for me and just asked that i go to church to repay him. so maybe that is some sort of sign. i definitely plan on at least giving it a try. maybe it will be good for me and help me get my life on track.

i reallllly need to sort some things out before long. i really think it will be alot easier once ricky goes to college though cause i wont have much to do.

so i might be going home to the point this weekend depending on if natalie decides if she wants to drive or not. i would be leaving like thursday after work and then coming home on sunday. i actually really want to go. but then again it doesnt matter too much either way because the beach trip is the week after and my sister will be home in a couple weeks so i am hopefully going to head over then.

i am very very excited for the beach trip. its going to be like my whole family. i really hope i can convince ricky to come down for a day and night to meet my family and everything. i am so excited to spend time w my family and be on the ocean! super relaxing. get out of the drama of oly.

so i want to start writing different stuff in this blog. not just about my life. but i have to figure out what kinds of things. i think my life is just super hectic right now, it always gets that way durring the summer. so once i get everything taken care of and once ricky goes to college i will have a more clear mind and have time to work on my fragrance and writing more legitimate things in this blog. for now, all i can handle is venting my life. well that is all for now.

Monday, July 27, 2009

my theory on life;

so i finally found something i feel like talking about. after having a conversation w my sister about everything going on i think i am seeing things alot more clearly.

i was thinking about typing it all out how i feel about it but i think it will make more sense if i just copy and paste our conversation because that was what was said w out thinking too hard, and thats when i say the best things. :)

Rhiannon i just think everyone here only cares about themselves.

Tara well everybody wants something back for doing something good..
it's hard to accept the fact that you don't always
i don't know if it's really healthy too...
i just sort of have..
& i'm still happy to do good things for my friends
people appreciate it more then they say i think

Rhiannon yah well i just dont think of it all complicated like that. i am simply just there when some one needs me and try to be the best person i can. and i just dont have the mind set to be out for myself...
i just dont even understand what its like to be like that. i am just trying to live a happy life and thats all

Tara it's just like.. when.. we would do the dishes.. but not get paid or thanked for it.. it was just expected.. but it was something nice that we did.. didn't it piss you off a bit..
kinda make you upset?

Rhiannon well i didnt like doing it but the older i get the more it makes sense because they felt disrespected by us for not understanding that they give us food and a roof and rides and money to do things and we found it SO hard just to do the dishes...its all miscommunication
i think respect and showing respect is just a really hard thing to master
i mean thats honestly what ruined ricky and my relationship

Tara yeah i dunno... they never really gave me rides anywhere... and i was reeaalllly busy in high school so i got annoyed
people don't pay enough attention to anything

Rhiannon yah but at the same time they were probably annoyed that they thought we didnt appreciate what they DID do so they just gave up...

Tara and they pay too much attention to the wrong things
there's really no way to get life right.. you just gotta keep going

Rhiannon to themselves and material things, thats all anyone cares about anymore

Tara yeah money is a biiig problem with personal relationships
and it really shouldn't be
it's ridiculous

Rhiannon im proud of myself for getting over that, i might drive a shitty car and not have alot of clothes but at least i am generally happy and have my family and some people i call good friends

obviously because this is a conversation between us it is kind of confusing. but i think the whole point is that people just really need to think about what is actually important in life. and unfortunatly the people who need to most will probably always think that the type of car they drive and the brand of jeans they wear is what is important. but at the end of your life i think its how you treated people, and the fun times you had. and the people who you loved.

and even if it ends in tears, you were happy at one time about it. sometimes i like to think that the quote "its better to have loved and lost than to have never have loved at all" isnt true, but it really is. because love is an amazing feeling, whether its for your family, your friends, or a guy.

i dont even know where i am going w this. i might add more later once i start thinking even more. my best peice of advice to everyone is dont let time slip away, live every day to the fullest and be the best person you can because when you look back you want to have a life that you enjoy reliving through memories.

i dont even know what to do w myself;

so this weekend was definitely a crazy one. friday night was kinda random, went to alot of different places but ended up w ricky at my house. and then his house to sleep. it was fun, a good night. natalie was super drunk and super funny and i actually spent some time hanging out with brittney which i think was good.

then saturday was summer jam. which...started out good, or maybe even great. and ended in completely the opposite. i dont even wanna talk about it anymore because i have talked about it way too much lately and i would rather just forget about it, but it was pretty much a nightmare.

i thought maybe writing in this would help but i dont even know what to say. i am trying so hard to be strong and get over it but when someone means so much to you its hard. i just want us to work things out like we always do. and like last night i thought that was what was going to happen. but now we arent even talking as of today and i seriously cant focus. uhg i think writing in this is just frustrating me alot more. not helping at all. so thats it.

Friday, July 24, 2009

trying this out;

so i am not exactly sure if i will end up using this or not. i used to always use my myspace blog but now i almost never get on myspace and dont really see a reason to even get on the blog either. but seeing as how i am not even sure if anyone will read this i'm not sure if i will see a point in continuing it. unless i decide to post links to it on twitter or maybe facebook...mmm really not sure.

but i find blogging a huge destresser regardless of if anyone reads it or not! so i willlll probably end up using it.

so my life: its friday, very happy about this fact. although it has been a fairly relaxed week. well at least the end of it has been. the begining was pretty hectic since my boss was getting ready to go on vaca.

i am really hoping this weekend is going to be a good one. i am planning on going to summer jam tomorrow with kenzie and kristen but i am still waiting for kenzie to buy the tickets, today is the last day and we still havent gotten them so i am crossing my fingers that she does today!! i reallllly wanna go. i am still trying to decide if i wanna go get a new id today since mine is expired and if i dont i wont be able to go to the beer gardens. i really should just go do it after work since i am technically not even legal to drive right now.

well that is all for now i think, i should probably get some work done for a little. i might write more before i go. i really need to figure out how to use this on my blackberry! is there maybe an app for it? that would be amazing. well anyone that reads this...follow me on twitter: rhiannonXOXO.

happppppy friday!