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Monday, July 27, 2009

my theory on life;

so i finally found something i feel like talking about. after having a conversation w my sister about everything going on i think i am seeing things alot more clearly.

i was thinking about typing it all out how i feel about it but i think it will make more sense if i just copy and paste our conversation because that was what was said w out thinking too hard, and thats when i say the best things. :)

Rhiannon i just think everyone here only cares about themselves.

Tara well everybody wants something back for doing something good..
it's hard to accept the fact that you don't always
i don't know if it's really healthy too...
i just sort of have..
& i'm still happy to do good things for my friends
people appreciate it more then they say i think

Rhiannon yah well i just dont think of it all complicated like that. i am simply just there when some one needs me and try to be the best person i can. and i just dont have the mind set to be out for myself...
i just dont even understand what its like to be like that. i am just trying to live a happy life and thats all

Tara it's just like.. when.. we would do the dishes.. but not get paid or thanked for it.. it was just expected.. but it was something nice that we did.. didn't it piss you off a bit..
kinda make you upset?

Rhiannon well i didnt like doing it but the older i get the more it makes sense because they felt disrespected by us for not understanding that they give us food and a roof and rides and money to do things and we found it SO hard just to do the dishes...its all miscommunication
i think respect and showing respect is just a really hard thing to master
i mean thats honestly what ruined ricky and my relationship

Tara yeah i dunno... they never really gave me rides anywhere... and i was reeaalllly busy in high school so i got annoyed
people don't pay enough attention to anything

Rhiannon yah but at the same time they were probably annoyed that they thought we didnt appreciate what they DID do so they just gave up...

Tara and they pay too much attention to the wrong things
there's really no way to get life right.. you just gotta keep going

Rhiannon to themselves and material things, thats all anyone cares about anymore

Tara yeah money is a biiig problem with personal relationships
and it really shouldn't be
it's ridiculous

Rhiannon im proud of myself for getting over that, i might drive a shitty car and not have alot of clothes but at least i am generally happy and have my family and some people i call good friends

obviously because this is a conversation between us it is kind of confusing. but i think the whole point is that people just really need to think about what is actually important in life. and unfortunatly the people who need to most will probably always think that the type of car they drive and the brand of jeans they wear is what is important. but at the end of your life i think its how you treated people, and the fun times you had. and the people who you loved.

and even if it ends in tears, you were happy at one time about it. sometimes i like to think that the quote "its better to have loved and lost than to have never have loved at all" isnt true, but it really is. because love is an amazing feeling, whether its for your family, your friends, or a guy.

i dont even know where i am going w this. i might add more later once i start thinking even more. my best peice of advice to everyone is dont let time slip away, live every day to the fullest and be the best person you can because when you look back you want to have a life that you enjoy reliving through memories.