Wednesday, October 21, 2009

october is breast cancer awareness month;

how you can help

retro awareness

our economy;

i am sooo sick of it being so bad.  it is seriously impossible to find a job right now.  very discouraging.  okay thats all i have to say.  i am just super super frustrated and really sick of being broke.  the end.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

some things never change;

i'm still addicted to the notebook

okay i was thinking that would be a way longer list. it's weird how everything has changed.  i don't hate my parents anymore, i dont worry about what i eat anymore, and i am definitely not such a bitch anymore.  anyway who reads those old blogs...please remember they are just that, OLD; like as in 4 or 5 ish years ago.

i have grown up a ton.  but i love having those as a reminder of who i used to be.

hahaha, i had to put that on here.  i was like 16 in this picture.  how adorable..HA.  i hope everyone else is having as much fun w this walk down memory lane as i am.  probbbbably not!  okay i think thats all for tonight.

tips to a happier, healthier, and all over better life;

[i've done some reseach on these things, but they are just little things i follow, that make my life so much better, i don't claim to be right, but it works for me.]

**found this on my old blog, i thought i lost it.  i like it though so enjoy! :)

TIP 1: drink green tea. you wont get sick. ever since i started drinking a cup of green tea every day i haven't gotten sick. i also find drinking tea relaxing, and green tea has been known to speed the metabolic rate. what could be better?

TIP 2: not eating won't help you lose weight. those of you who think that the "not eating anything at all" diet will help you lose lots of weight and fast, are crazy. not eating puts your body into starvation mode, which means when you can't stand the not eating anything part anymore, everything you do eat will be stored. a better idea would be eating a reasonable amount every three hours. this keeps your metabolism going. if you really want to lose weight try eating right and exercising. (no more fast food or soda is a great start.) it's not about being stick thin; it's about being healthy and confident.

TIP 3: eat breakfast. (this one goes along with number two.) eating breakfast starts your metabolism. and it will make you happier, nothing puts me in a worse mood than starving until lunch time rolls around. not only that, but many studies show that those who eat breakfast do better in class or at work. if you don't have time, grab a granola bar or banana on the go.

TIP 4: afraid of the gym? work out at home. just because you are self conscious, or can't afford a gym, doesn't mean you don't deserve to be in shape. there are lots of things you can go in the comfort of your own home, for free. my favorites are lunges, squats, and dancing (a great cardio exercise.) look in your favorite magazine or online for lots of exercises at will target the area you want to improve. need motivation, burn an awesome cd that you can't help but dance to.

TIP 5: go tanning. stop fearing tanning beds. they are not simply a cancer box. there is a healthy medium. your body needs vitamin d and basically the only way to get it is to tan. tanning dries your skin which clears up acne, and darker skin hides redness. (just because you use a tanning bed doesn't mean you have to look like you spent the summer on the Cayman islands.) also, i find tanning so relaxing. just make sure to use a good lotion, moisturize after, and give your skin a few days of rest between each session. [oh and don't even try to tell me i'm wrong, i am smart tan certified, if you want to know what i know, check out]

TIP 6: drink more water, duh! this one is so simple, but not enough people follow it. just by breathing your body loses at least two cups of water a day, and more is lost sweating and going to the bath room. wow, what if you don't even drink two cups a day. then you are simply losing water...probably not good right? ever wonder why you have a headache, or just feel like crap...drink a glass of water and see if you feel better. usually people just forget to drink it, so tips to remeber...make yourself drink half a cup of water before you get to drink the juice, soda, coffee, ect, that you want. or i know when i sit at the computer or watch tv i have a tendancy to pick up the cup next to me without noticing. so keep some by you, it wont be nearly as hard to get eight glasses a day. your skin will look so much better if you do. affraid of tap? don't be, it's safe; the EPA regulates it.

TIP 7: be nice. if you are nice to others, they will more than likely have no reason not to be nice to you. if you give everyone you meet a smile and a good attitude, your have alot better chance to get a smile and a good attitude back. and what about karma. try going one day being nice to everyone, and thinking about others instead of yourself; you might just find that karma is real. and how awful is it to be a bitch all the time. it's especially great to be a great person when people talk bad about you; all you're doing is proving them wrong. and how can you hate the beautiful girl with the beautiful attitude?

i've been at this for a long time;

soooo, i just got like really really bored, bored enough that i looked to see if my old blogs are still online.  well, yep; they are.  so if you care to check them out, they are from like junior year: VIVA LA BELLA [by rhiannon elizabeth] and so_tan_xX funnnny stuff!  and actually my blog from like a year a half ago is online too at my myspace page!  my life used to be alot more interesting, thats for sure.

okay, well that is pretty much all.  i am not doing anything on this saturday night; just watching one tree hill oldies and craving: cookie dough, jack in the box hash browns, anywheres breakfast sandwhich, a slurpie, and about a million other things. so. lame.


Friday, October 16, 2009


alright so i updated alot today butttt, i just have to add that i added the iLike onto the side, so check out new music i like!  it seems like it might kinda be acting weird right now but i am working on it.  alright thats all.

a little explaining;

i realized that alot of my posts are not exactly self explainitory and i am guessing alot of people have no idea what polyvore is.  well i dont EXACTLY know either, but basically you just create sets showcasing art, or fashion.  most of the sets i make are fashion.  they are all designed by me, most of the recent ones are for certain contests that polyvore has.  by clicking the picture you can view the set on polyvores site and see everything that i used in the set.

i just do them because i have fun creating them.  and i like posting them on my blog.  and that is that.  any questions let me know.

don't forget you can follow my blog, & my twitter; and you should!  and you can always leave comments, questions and feedback.  thank you for reading :)

more paris, just a quickly put together one;

Rock the Nike Hoodie Contest;

Kate Voegele Contest;

Thursday, October 15, 2009

more paris;


soooo, last night i went downtown w natalie, des, and sarah to see devin the dude.  i am pretty sure i saw about 2 minutes of him because i got way too drunk and wanted to go home.  i am such a light weight now, seeing as how i never drink anymore.  i guess its good because i def dont have to spend as much.  but yahhh, it was pretty fun i guess.  i had ricky come get me at like 12.

thats pretty much all that is new.  hopefully going halloween shopping this weekend.  i need to go up to seattle to get the dress i want to wear.  still not sure what i am going to do, i guess there is alot of fun stuff going on downtown but i would really rather go to a party i think.  well whatever. thats all. bye bye.

'walk in paris hilton's shoes' contest;;

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


okay so i decked my blog out in a halloween/fall theme.  fun fun.  i like this alot better.  figured out a way better way to do the graphics.  okay, enough boring talk.

i know what i am going to be for halloween, do you?!  i'm not telling.  very excited, i actually have two ideas.  hopefully there will be two parties, or more! bye bye.

new heading;

ehhh, so i made a new heading.  but it looks super sloppy.  not a fan at all.  i might try a way harder way of making it, but it will look alot better.  we will see.  and i kind of want to make a halloween one so i think i am going to work on that for now.

well i dont really have anything exciting to say.  i pretty much spend all my time watching one tree hill oldies or looking for a job.

i have decided the hills is kinda of boring lately.  like i feel like nothing really happens every episode.  and wtf is going on w stephanie's face?  she looks like a cartoon character.  she def needs to lay off the plastic surgery.

excited for tomorrow night.  downtown should be fun.  at least i hope.  thatttts all.

"nothin' to roll with"

well, i have been super lame lately.  i got addicted to this stupid cafe world game on facebook and pretty much spent my entire weekend playing it.  wowwww i am a loser.  but good news, i am pretty much over it.

so anyway, i went on a super job search last week.  so hopefully that works out.  because being broke is boring.

i am getting sooo excited for halloween.  someone really needs to have a sweet party.  like thursday, friday, and saturday night!

i'm excited for wednesday because i guess some guy devin the dude is playing down at the royal so we are having a girls night and going to that.  and i am pretty sure there is alot of other fun stuff going on that night.  can't wait.  okayyy, well my life is pretty boring right now.  just thought i would update since i forgot to for like a week,  now i am going to go back to watching my one tree hill oldies and then bed.

tomorrow gotta try and find a job again, nice and early.  goodnight everyone.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


i want a new look to my blog. maybe work on that later today.  thats all.

something to say;

so i usually never have annnything to write in this at all.  i guess my life has maybe just been really boring?  i'm not sure, but i finally feel like writing in here again.

sooo, basically i feel like i have a ton to do today.  have to go to the bank and sell my bed to someone.  tomorrow i absolutly have got ot find a job.

i am getting super super excited for halloween.  im stoked its on a saturday because hopefully there will be 2 parties this year.  i guess if i am lucky.  and i am 21 so i always have the option of going downtown, but i am not sure i will want to.  i have decided i want to dress up as lady gaga, and if there is something to do on friday as a princess.  i already have my outfits all planned out i just have to go buy the stuff.  one thing i have to say about halloween is that i HATE the cheezy "sexy" costumes they sell at the stores that everyone buys.  oly is notorious for them.  i wish people would be more origanal.  its soo much more fun.  and you dont have to just throw away or put in the back of your closest forever the stuff you buy for it.

okay well i am going to start getting ready to get some stuff done today.  hopefully i can pry ricky of the stupid xbox.  more soon i'm sure. love love.