Monday, August 31, 2009

fragrance inspiration.

Thoughts Upon a Window

"There's a mark above your eye,
You got it in July
You're fighting for your sister's reputation

You remember people's names
Valentines are lame
So you bring me flowers just for no occasion

Correct me if I'm wrong,
You're fragile and you're strong
a beautiful and perfect combination

I wanna know you!
I wanna go there, where you go
I wanna find out what you know
And maybe someday down the road,
I'll sit back and say to my self,
'yeah I thought so'"

so. i am super annoyed. i think some people need to reevaluate the meaning of "best friend". i dont even think i feel like going into detail about all of this. but honestly you thinking so highly of yourself and thinking i should be so upset when YOU decide to walk out of MY life does not make it actually happen. it just makes it easier to not care.

being a best friend means being selfless and caring about being there for the other person, not soley worrying about how this person is contributing to you, what they are doing for you. that is just being selfish...and how does that make sense.

i used to think that because i had been friends w someone for a really long time that that made them a better friend than the people i had met more recently. i was wrong. best friends are about being there when something goes wrong. not being judgemental and rude and trying to change the person, but accepting how they are and helping them. best friends are about forgiveness, because no one is perfect. best friends are about hoping for the others happiness and nothing less, not so much about worrying about what is the right thing and the wrong thing. because regardless you are still there for the person. best friends are about the good times, having fun and laughing. talking about things that dont matter.

it has taken me a long time, but i know now more than ever what a best friend is. and i will not be told anymore that i am not a good best friend anymore. i am who i am and my "best friend" of ALL people should accept that.

on another note; i just started listening to my sisters boyfriends music for the first time and i really like it. check pete jacobs out at his music is really good!

i came up w another fragrence idea i realllly liked the other day. i really need to get on working on that. maybe i will do it right now. why not? ricky is just playing his xbox like he has been since he got back! sooo fun to watch! haha.

well that is alllll for right now.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I am so addicted to my phone its pathetic. I feel like I can honestly say I have never been addicted to anything, but now I am realizing that my phone is an addiction. I do not know what I would do w out my blackberry! It keeps my life together and can always keep me entertained. Its kind of sad though that I never get off it.

Its kind of weird to think that some people consider people who just sit on their phones all the time as anti social, but how can that be right. More like OVER social! Because all I do on my phone is socialize in many different ways.

Well this is kind of a dumb blog but I just felt like saying something about it. I am really really in the blogging mood right now so I plan on doing some work on mine later today. Right now I am going to go back to watching the tyra show and missing you!

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

So I've been wanting to write for a while now but just haven't really known what to say. The last few weeks have been kind of crazy but not in the way that you are probably thinking. And not in the way that I normally mean crazy.

Well I guess the last thing I wrote about were plans to go to the beach. Well I have to say being off work was amazing, finally going to the ocean w ricky was amazing, and seeing all my family was amazing. I certainly had a great trip that I will remember forever, and I think mostly for a reason that doesn't need to be shared because it is a personal memory that I want to keep to myself.

Then on saturday I had my family reunion in port gamble which was a lot of fun actually. I learned a lot about my grandpa and his brothers and sisters. And port gamble is a super cute little town that I had never been to. I think that was about all for my weekend.

So I certainly wasn't excited to go back to work on monday and was just so over my job and feeling like quiting. And when I got there they let me go because they wanted someone w more experience which actaully made my day. I know that everything happens for a reason so I am not worried about it.

The week was hectic, rickys family moved into his new amazing house so there was lots to be done.

And then this last weekend was rickys last weekend. It was a really good one. He had a party at his old house on friday night and saturday his sister had a birthday party at the new house.

Then on sunday we drove east and he went to college and I came home for the week.

So that's where I am now, laying in my bed at my parents house. And he's gone to college and I'm not sure when ill see him next. All I have to say is this is really hard and I don't want to talk about it anymore than that.

So that's the update for now.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"extreme tubing' and beach bound.

so the weekend was pretty fun but very mellow. i just hung out w ricky durring the day and then went to bed fairly early at night. natalie was out of town and brittney was sick so i felt like there was pretty much nothing to do. which was fine by me because i have been extremely tired lately.

saturday we took the boat out though which was alot of fun. i am extremely beat up from tubing though. the soreness is finally starting to go away but the bruises on my legs are not.

so i need to go home to do a couple errands and meet up w ricky. then i believe we are going to get lunch at quiznos since its buy one get one for a dollar, whoop whoop. and then we are driving to my beach house in long beach. i cant wait. all my family from my dads side is there so it should be alot of fun. and ricky will finally get to meet some of my family. i am super bummed my step mom couldnt make it though. but it will be nice to spend the week w family and little joe!

i am supppper anxious! time couldnt go by fast enough. hopefully i will be able to post on this from my cell while i am there since i am sure there is no computer at the beach house. if not then updates when i get back! xoxo