Sunday, January 31, 2010

comin out your mouth with your blah blah blah, zip your lip like a pad lock;

This Urban Outfitters shirt made me laugh.  And since I am incredibly lazy and tired after a very long seven days, this is as good of a post as you are going to get right now. :)

I start another 40 hour week tomorrow but I am very excited for the weekend ahead.  I am just going to use this blog as a little update on my life since I havent talked about me in a while.

Tomorrow I am going to do some blogging about what I thought about the grammys.  But right now I am DVRing it so I can watch it commercial free tomorrow after work.

So I have a question...didn't this used to have spell check...and why doesssn't it?!  I seriously need it!!

I've decided I actually kinda like Ke$ha's album.  Especially Blah Blah Blah, Stephen, and Backstaber!

So things to do this week: 1. Clean my room because I was going to do it today but I got sucked into online shopping and blogging.

2. Go to good will to get something "country" for Kia's going away party.

3. Get white shirts and make a super bowl shirt.  GO SAINTS!

4. WATCH THE GRAMMYS (TOMORROW) Already excited based on Yahoo! coverage!

Ehhh, I am over this.  Sorry it's been lame the last few days.  More exciting this week. BYE BYE.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fashion For A Cause;

So, I am really dissapointed that I am having such a hard time finding awesome items that donate proceeds to charity.  If anyone knows a good place to find this, please let me know.  But I was able to find a few things that I thought were blog worthy.  Enjoy :)

This Everlon Bracelet designed by Rachel Bilson, costs $100 and donates $20 to the Diamond Empowerment Fund (DEF), a non profit international organization that supports education in Africa.  Learn more and purchase at Macys.

Okay, so this is one of my favorite things I have found.  Give and Take Tees have a bunch of different tees that all donate proceeds to different organizations.  I would 100% suggest at least taking a look at the site and the awesome tee's they have!

Orange is the new black!
Support the "Orange You Happy to Erase MS" foundation by buying orange products like these. 
Love this "Orange You Lucky" Love and Peace Bracelet!  Shop now here!

Okay, so I really tried.  And I am really disappointed I couldn't find more.  Maybe I am looking in the wrong places.  Props to Marie Clare online though because almost everything I found was through them.  More to come soon I really hope!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday means...;


So IN LOVE with Everly, Bethany Joy Galeotti's band.  Favorite songs are Flying Machine and Girl In the Moon.

Find them on iTunes or listen to them for free at


Text "Haiti" to 90999 to donate $10!  (before March 1st)
Whether you have or haven't done this yet, you should know that it is tax deductable and the only proof you need is the charge on your cell phone bill.  So dont forget to help the people of Haiti, and when filing your taxes don't forget your cell phone bill.
I know I'm a little late on this one.  Already $275 million and counting has been donated.  But while complaining about how bad our economy is and how little you have you should remember the people of Haiti that no longer have anywhere to live at all.  Ten dollars to most American's is a lunch, maybe two days worth of starbucks, a week of bottled water over tap.  I'm sure if you really think about it, you will see they could use it alot more than us.  Not that I think I have to convince anyone.  I just today found out the tax deductible bill was passed.  Wanted to share that with everyone.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

rock n' roll addiction;


Deux Lux

Love love love.  Almost all of my clothes are black, or some other nuetral color.  I usually don't like clothing in super bright colors.  But I love these bright colored bags to brighten up my look.  And I am so addicted to huge purses.

I used to have these in pink and white.  My sunglasses have a very short life span though, before they are lost or broken.  I think these turquoise ones alot better than the pink ones I had.

my absolute favorite jeans;

BDG Overdyed Cigarette Jean

Things I've learned from songs by Taylor Swift;

1. It's better to feel something, rather than nothing at all.

2. You can only say sorry so many times before it stops meaning anything.

3. You truly cannot help who you fall madly in love with.

4. Love is difficult.

5. Breaking up with someone is never simple, or easy.  There are no clean breaks.

6. Right in this moment you might think that it is the end of the world.  But it isn't.  Life moves on.

7. Learn to laugh at those who think they are better than you.

8. Forever and always can end at any moment, for any reason.

9. Although life is not a fairytale, I will eventually find someone who will treat me like a princess.

10. Life always goes on.

11. It takes time to find yourself, but keep trying and take it day by day.

12. You're never alone when you feel like you aren't good enough.

13. Boys cheat on even the most beautiful girls.

14. Never forgive a cheater.

15. Too much time is wasted hoping for someone to love you the way you want them too.  If it is meant to be it will be.  You can't force love.

So there are the things I have learned from songs by Taylor.  I decided to write this blog because my sister got addicted to her and told me to download all the music I didnt have of hers.  So I did, and started to listening to it all.  This blog probably comes off far too cheesy for my own taste.  But they are all good points about life.  It always goes on, and when you least expect it you will find your prince.  And then it may or may not work out, but that is no reason to give up.  Life is a rollercoaster but if we didnt have hard times we would never appreciate the great ones.  Maybe life really can be a fairy tale where everyone gets their happy ending, if you just believe.

*check out Kirsten Kuehn Designs (headband shown above on Taylor) here.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

favorite pictures of oh nine.

In no order what so ever.  Just a reminder that although things change, feelings change, people change, everything changes...that at one point I was enjoying myself w the people I chose to surround myself w.  Also a reminder that although nothing extrodinary happened, and I didnt make much visable progress, I had a GREAT time and learned ALOT as a person.  I wouldnt change anything that happened.

my life in two thousand and nine;

So, I rang in the new year of 2009 in Olympia w the people that I believed to be my best friends at the time.  Then I came back to Sandpoint for about a month and got ready to move back to Olympia.  Which I did on Valentines day.  Shortly after I started working, became a party girl of Olympia.  Moved in w two girls.  I can't say it wasnt an incredibly fun time in my life.  Turned 21, a day to remember for sure.  Fell madly in love w someone.  Lost all of my friends because of it.  Learned that I clearly was a bad judge of who my friends were.  Learned that sometimes you can believe that you found the perfect person, just to realize that it isnt actually meant to be.  Moved back to Sandpoint to live at home.  Got a job I am crazy bananas about.  Still continued to question what real friends are and if I have ever had any.  And then spend the last few moments of the year w family, and ended it w my little sister who I completely love.

And that is the shortest version I can write about 2009.

two thousand and ten.

Okay.  So it's a new year.  Almost a month into a new year actually.  And I have yet to blog.  So lets change that!  I say this EVERY time, but I am really going to try to blog every single day.  I used to do it, and it's really not that hard.  So I am giving up farmville and cafe world, which is ALL I want to do once I sit down at the computer.  But I am not going to anymore.  Instead I am going to work on this.  Because this is HOPEFULLY more interesting for other people, and in a few years will certainly be more important to me than those.

So, since it is a new year...I am going to start by summing up 2009, then I want to post my favorite pictures of '09, and lastly, goals for 2010.  I want to do something different with this blog, but I havent figure out what yet.  So if anyone has any ideas on what they would find more interesting from or about me...please please please share. :)